Information on Facilities

Facility information

We introduce facilities information of Hofu Grand Hotel.
Please confirm each page for details.

  • Entrance / Front / Lobby

    In order for guests to spend quiet time slowly,
    every staff is keeping guest support with a smiling face.
    If you have anything unclear, please do not hesitate to ask us.

    Facility Data
    • Floor

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    • In the entrance and lobby where they are well-maintained finely
      A smiling conversation and a smiling face are exchanged.
      We value the dignity and the hospitality of warm heart more than anything else.
  • Hotel Room

    Makes your trip more unforgettable.
    Interior design which has been renewed and is calm.
    Please spend your time at a guest room as if it were your own room.

    Facility Data
    • Floor

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    • Room

      [ Single Room ]
      [ Twin Room ]
      [ Suite Room ]
    • Entrance to Room

      15:00 P.M. to 24:00 P.M.
      11:00 A.M.
  • Restaurant

    Including normal lunch or dinner at Japanese Restaurant, Kizashi, in the hotel,
    we take an after-feast party or a wedding ceremony with a small number of people.

    Facility Data
    • Floor

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    • Facilities

      [ Kizashi ]
      Breakfast: 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.(only reservation)
      Lunch:11:30 A.M. to 14:00 P.M.
      Dinner: 17:30 P.M. to 20:30 P.M. ( Last Call: 20:00 P.M.)

      [ Fiore ]
      11:00 A.M. to 16:00 P.M.( Last Call: 15:30 P.M.)
  • Banquet / Conference

    In accordance with guests’ request, in Hofu Grand Hotel,
    we prepare the banquet hall where you can do various performances.

    Facility Data
    • Floor

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    • Facilities

      [ LADRIX ] 118 tsubo
      [ ROSA ] 176 tsubo (88 tsubo / 88 tsubo)
      [ WHITE INSIGNIA ] 100 tsubo
      [ BANQUET ROOM ] 13 tsubo
  • Wedding / Izumoden

    The Shinto wedding ceremony of solemn Japanese ancient times held in sacred space charms anyone while
    the ceremony is being watched by relatives. A solemn pledge can be signed without
    caring also about the weather in an indoor authentic shrine.

    Facility Data
    • Floor

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    • Beauty of the bride who has wrapped the body in white
      is made conspicuous by the solemn court music.
      Two persons' fidelity is exchanged in the silence while they feel tense.